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Consider Him (CD)

Consider Him (CD)
Publisher: Galkin Evangelistic Ministries
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  • Description: Male and female vocal duets, mixed adult and children's ensembles, solos, and trios

    Release Date: 2011

    Length: 49 minutes

    The journey to Heaven can seem long and difficult. Temptations distract and trials hurt. The constant pull of the world’s allurements drain our Christ-ward affections. The afflictions of life cause us to question the value of living for eternity. For the weary pilgrim, the exhortation is timely “Consider Him."

    The fourteen songs on this CD will help you to do just that, while you enjoy the beautiful blending of voices lifted in praise. Many of the tunes are new, some with familiar lyrics, others completely fresh, new songs.  The talented singers and instrumentalists who have worked together to produce Consider Him have succeeded in turning out a CD that will delight you with the quality of the singing and playing and the thoughtful expressiveness of the lyrics and their presentation.

  • Audio Samples
    Track 1

    Across the Lands

    Track 2

    You Never Change

    Track 3

    More and More Like You

    Track 4

    Crown of Life

    Track 5

    Does Jesus Care?

    Track 6

    Consider Him

    Track 7

    I Surrender All

    Track 8

    He Is Jesus

    Track 9

    Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer

    Track 10

    Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy

    Track 11

    What A Savior

    Track 12

    Sweet Rivers of Mercy

    Track 13

    He Looked Beyond My Fault

    Track 14

    There Is a Higher Throne

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