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Be Still (CD Set)

Be Still (CD Set)
Publisher: Galkin Evangelistic Ministries
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    Description: CD 1 - Instrumental music (violin, viola, cello, pennywhistle, guitar, piano, keyboard, mandolin, double bass, and short vocalisations in two songs) CD 2 - Scripture reading with instrumental music in the background
    Release Date: 2012
    Length: CD 1 - 54 minutes, CD 2 - 30 minutes
    From Will Galkin: Often, the trials and pressures of life threaten to overwhelm us. We can be so easily distracted by the stress of relationships, jobs, and the noise of this world. It is imperative for the Christian to battle the distractions and rest in the knowledge of God.
    Be Still is a 2-CD project designed to help you focus on Christ. The first CD is comprised of 15 songs that are cross-centered and meditative in style. The second CD has 8 passages of scripture about Jesus that are set to some of the songs from the first CD. Let the scripture meditations guide your thoughts toward God, and the loving sacrifice Jesus Christ made on your behalf.
    As you listen to this project, please take advantage of the words provided for you in the booklet. Our prayer is that the songs and scripture meditations will help you to “Be still.”


  • Audio Samples
    Disc 1 Track 1

    Be Still My Soul

    Disc 1 Track 2

    Nearer Still Nearer

    Disc 1 Track 3

    I Need Thee Every Hour

    Disc 1 Track 4

    There Is a Redeemer

    Disc 1 Track 5

    The Precious Blood

    Disc 1 Track 6

    How Deep the Father's Love for Us

    Disc 1 Track 7

    The Power of the Cross

    Disc 1 Track 8

    Speak O Lord

    Disc 1 Track 9

    Before the Throne of God Above

    Disc 1 Track 10

    I Surrender All

    Disc 1 Track 11

    What a Friend We Have in Jesus

    Disc 1 Track 12

    There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood

    Disc 1 Track 13

    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

    Disc 1 Track 14

    When Love Came Down

    Disc 1 Track 15

    Our Great Savior

    Disc 2 Track 1

    Nearer Still Nearer (John 17:9-26)

    Disc 2 Track 2

    What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Hebrews 9:11-28)

    Disc 2 Track 3

    When Love Came Down (Matthew 26:36-56)

    Disc 2 Track 4

    There Is a Redeemer (Isaiah 53:1-9)

    Disc 2 Track 5

    The Precious Blood (Matthew 27:27-50)

    Disc 2 Track 6

    The Power of the Cross (Romans 5:1-21)

    Disc 2 Track 7

    How Deep the Father's Love for Us (1 John 4:7-21)

    Disc 2 Track 8

    Our Great Savior (Philippians 2:1-16)

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