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New Every Morning (CD)

New Every Morning (CD)
Publisher: Herbster Evangelistic Ministries
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  • Description: Mixed Vocal Quartet--Fully Orchestrated

    Release Date: 2007

    Length: 57 minutes

    "As we face the difficulties of life . . .  we can find rest and true peace only in the mercies of God. Each day God wants His people to see His loyal love and kindness as if for the first time. His mercies are new, not in the sense that they never existed before, but in that they are a fresh renewal of what His children have experienced in the past."

    Be sure to sample our favourites "Oh, Wonderful Love Of My God", "May The Mind Of Christ My Saviour", and "No Other Name".

    As you listen to the Herbster Evangelistic Team sing about our God and Saviour, may you meditate on His lovingkindness and compassion which is renewed every morning!

  • Audio Samples
    Track 1

    Christ In Us, The Hope Of Glory

    Track 2

    The Love Of God

    Track 3

    On Christ I Stand

    Track 4

    Jesus, Savior, Blessed Friend

    Track 5

    How Marvelous Are The Works Of The Lord

    Track 6

    O To Be Like Thee

    Track 7

    We Rejoice In All Your Ways

    Track 8

    No Other Name

    Track 9

    He Is The Everlasting God

    Track 10

    May The Mind Of Christ My Savior

    Track 11

    Oh, Wonderful Love Of My God

    Track 12

    You Knew Me, Lord

    Track 13

    Make My Life A Song Of Praise

    Track 14

    I Will Live My Thanks

    Track 15

    His Grace Is Greater

    Track 16

    New Every Morning

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