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Be Strong In The Lord (CD)

Be Strong In The Lord (CD)
Publisher: Herbster Evangelistic Ministries
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    Description: Male Vocal Trio--Fully Orchestrated

    Release Date: 1994

    Length: 45 minutes

    On this their first vocal recording, the three Herbster brothers sing on the themes of praise, gratefulness, contentment, holiness, trust, peace, obedience and commitment to God. This CD is a wonderful testimony of devotion to Jesus and was dedicated to honour their parents. Songs such as "Be Strong In The Lord", "Who Is On The Lord's Side?" and "Where Is A Gideon?" will especially challenge and encourage young people.

  • Audio Samples
    Track 1

    Come Praise the Lord

    Track 2

    His Way Is Perfect

    Track 3

    Here Am I

    Track 4

    We Love You

    Track 5

    If I Gained the World

    Track 6

    Break Down the High Place

    Track 7

    Who Is on the Lord's Side?

    Track 8

    Be Strong in the Lord

    Track 9

    No Good Thing

    Track 10

    Like a Lamb

    Track 11

    Where Is a Gideon?

    Track 12

    Be Not Afraid

    Track 13

    Perfect Peace

    Track 14

    Delight Yourself In the Lord

    Track 15

    Name Medley

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