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Download God ... Upload Obedience

Download God ... Upload Obedience
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  • Author: Ken Evers

    Type: Paperback

    Length: 96 pages

    Are you an older teen or young adult? Are you a parent or youth worker? Do you own or use a computer?

    If you answered "Yes" to one or more of the preceding questions, then reading Download God ... Upload Obedience will be a wise investment of your time. Which of us knows whom the next "casualty" will be in the moral minefield of technology? It may be you.

    Combining his expertise of computers with a solid Bible knowledge, Ken Evers thoroughly explains the tough moral and ethical dilemmas  confronting all who live in this techno age. More importantly, Ken provides Christians with the needed Scriptural wisdom and practical solutions to navigate these technological minefields successfully.

    Good Computer, Bad Computer, Ugly Computer (Chapter 1)

    What is your computer like? Would your Saviour use yours? Are you aware of the most common traps that Christians fall into regarding the unethical use of their computers? A clear case is made for the need to apply Biblical principles in how we use our computers for work, entertainment, and communication.

    Lemon-Flavoured Computers (Chapter 2) and To Burn or Not to Burn --It's not a question! (Chapter 3)

    Have you ever felt a measure of uncertainty or even a twinge in your conscience when you've received "copied" software? Maybe you've even burned the CDs yourself. It may surprise you to learn how rampant software piracy is--even among professing Christians.

    Surf Safe (Chapter 4) and Firewalling your Heart (Chapter 10)

    Although the internet is a useful tool for information gathering and social interaction, it can also serve as a horrific trap even for the most experienced user. Ken not only exposes the ever-increasing problem of internet pornography, but shows us how to put some very practical safeguards in place.

    Download It and Own It--Or Do You? (Chapter 5)

    With the availability and affordability of broadband internet connections, you need to be informed on the "do's and don'ts" when downloading music and movies.

    Tick Tock--Save and Stop! (Chapter 6)

    Beginning with a Scriptural admonition from Ephesians 5:16, the author then asks some very searching questions, such as: Has spending time with our computer become more important than spending time with our personal Saviour?

    Are You Playing the Game or Being Played by the Game? (Chapter 7)

    Helpful checklists are provided to help the reader determine if they should be playing certain games. Ken shares personal testimony of how the Lord dealt with him in this particular area.

    Greeks, Geeks & Red Cheeks (Chapter 8)

    For all the computer geeks--Ken provides timely warnings on hacking, cracking, exploiting and more!

    Offerings and Sacrifices before the Great Pentium and Athalon (Chapter 9)

    Let's check our computer. Does it have parts that were bought with money which belonged to God? The author challenges us to put God first with our finances.

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